5 quick tips on money

Only buy what you have the cash for Train yourself not to spend money you don't have in hand. Contrary to popular opinion you really don't need a credit card. Don't be like everyone else who is drowning in debt, whose place of living is filled with unpaid stuff that they will be working to pay off for... Continue Reading →

God hears the voice of blood

Scripture is clear on the fact that God sees all and hears all. God heard the cries of Abel as He was being murdered by his brother. God saw the injustice of one man shedding the blood of an image bearer, and the only reason God asks Cain for the location of his brother was to highlight the fact that God knew about Cain’s heinous act and Cain was guilty before God.

Confessions of a former​ Social Justice Warrior

Social Justice Warrior: a person who advocates a progressive orthodoxy, often on the Internet, especially involving the treatment of ethnic, racial, gender, or gender-identity minorities. Standing for the oppressed I used to be a Social Justice Warrior. For the record, I hated when that phrase was used against me. Those three words were constantly being flung... Continue Reading →

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